Attending worship in St Stephen’s

From Sunday 19th July there will be a service of Morning Worship in the Church at 11 am each Sunday.
The service will last for 30 minutes and will be Morning worship with prayers and a reflection.
You are invited to join us for this. However, if you cannot, or feel it not safe for you to return to the Church yet, you can join us on Zoom where you will be able to hear the service. See the website home page for the link to use. Please keep your microphone muted throughout the service.

If you attend the service, please note

1. The Church is laid out for maximum attendance with social distancing at 2 metres.
2. Areas of the pews are ‘taped’ to indicate that this is where you should not sit.
3. There are spaces for 16 households of 1 or 2 and 2 additional spaces for single people.
4. Larger households can sit together on the central pews.
5. We will have to fill these places on a first-come first-served basis, if the Church reaches capacity unfortunately we will not be able to allow any further people to enter.
6. You must wear a face covering when you arrive and leave. At 2 metre distancing it is not necessary to wear a face covering throughout the service but you may wish to do so to ensure maximum protection for yourself and others.
7. You Must use the hand sanitizer at the door.
8. You must go straight to a seat and remain in this throughout the service. Please do not move to a different seat or move around the building unless it is absolutely necessary.
9. When the service finishes you must leave the Church without staying to talk to others.
10. We are not able to offer Sunday School or Dreams at this time. We will continue to post a podcast for younger members online and on the recorded telephone service. Younger members are welcome to listen to this on a mobile device during the service.
11. We will use disposable single use service sheets. Please take these home with you or drop them in the waste paper bin as you leave.
12. We are not able to sing at the present time.

These restrictions enable us to return to worship in the Church, although we realise they will change the nature of our gathering.
We hope very much to see further easing in the near future that will enable us to be together as a community as we did before.