A prayer for our nation

As we continue to face political uncertainty and division and social fragmentation and unrest, we encourage you to pray this prayer each day.

Sovereign Lord,

the universe sprung into being at your command

and all things are held in the palm of your hand.

We pray for our nation at this time of uncertainty and tension.

Protect us we pray from the rash and destabilising acts

of those with narrow agendas,

and lead us to seek a future in which all people

can have an equal share of security and hope.

Challenge us to reject divisive and violent ideology and rhetoric,

and raise up leaders who can unite and restore our nation as a place of grace and truth.

Hold us and protect us in these troubled times.

Lead us from unrest to peace,

from confusion to hope,

from darkness to light,

and give your church the prophetic voice

that will challenge all people to seek your way;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen