Prayer for the week beginning 2nd December - Advent 1

Holy Waiting – a long wait

Luke 1:5-25 – Zachariah

Lord, you call us to ‘watch out,’

to be ready and wait patiently for the day of your coming,

when your kingdom of light will be brought to completion

and all your saints gathered to rejoice in your presence.

Show us how to live our lives with ‘holy waiting,’

that as we wait with eager anticipation and longing

to see you on the clouds of heaven,

each of our waiting times may be moments of encounter with you.

May we not think of our waiting times as empty times,

but fertile places within which miracles can be born

as we experience your transforming blessing.

Come Lord Jesus we pray,

into our waiting, into our hearts, into our lives, into your world,

and make us your holy people, now and for all eternity. Amen