Protecting your data

The General Data Protection Regulation governs all aspects of data storage and processing. This is the information we hold on you – your name, address, email etc - and other things that could identify you – photographs etc.

In order for us to hold and process your data – send you emails, newsletters, contact you by phone or post – we now need your consent.

You will need to respond to emails and/or complete a consent form for us to continue to communicate with you.

You also have rights that we need to comply with regarding the storage, processing and disclosure of your data.

If you are an electoral roll member or have given us information in a Gift Aid declaration then we have a ‘legitimate reason’ to process your data to fulfil the management and function of the church.

If you are a ‘role holder’- PCC member, elected or appointed officer, volunteer or employee – we also have a legitimate reason to process some aspects of your data to fulfil the function of the church.

However, everyone who wishes to continue to receive general communications from us will need to give consent.

Below you will find our ‘Privacy Notices’ and ‘GDPR Policy Statement.’

These outline your rights and what we will do to protect them and enable you to exercise them.